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Covenant School shooter was under care for emotional disorder and hid guns at home, police say

Nashville school shooting video released by police | LiveNOW from FOX

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race could be the beginning of the end for GOP dominance

Costly Court Race Points to a Politicized Future for Judicial Elections

Murdaugh estate sells for $3.9 million. Here’s who will get the money.

Georgia woman finds hoard of unseen Murdaugh family photos after buying camera bag at auction

Adnan Syed convictions reinstated; Maryland appellate court orders new hearing

Court Reinstates Adnan Syed’s Murder Conviction in ’Serial’ Case and Orders New Hearing

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FBI offering $10000 reward for information leading to arrest of Roy McGrath

FBI manhunt for former Hogan official now includes 20K reward

Mike Pence must testify about conversations he had with Donald Trump leading up to January 6, judge rules

Pence Must Testify to Jan. 6 Grand Jury, Judge Rules

US bears ‘moral weight’ of Mexico migrant tragedy: Advocates

At least 39 killed in Mexico migrant facility fire

Aide to Senator Rand Paul Stabbed After Leaving Washington Restaurant

Senator Rand Paul’s staff member stabbed in Northeast; man arrested, charged | FOX 5 DC

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